Water Mold Fire Restoration of Dallas- A Guide

There are only a few true water damage restoration companies which offer a complete restoration package. There are six qualities to look for in the company you hire to clean up your flood damage: Interested readers can find more information about them at Water Mold Fire Restoration of Dallas

  1. Do you offer a complete package of restoration services (not just carpet)? A flood damages a lot more than just carpet. There may be structural damage to sub-flooring. There may be warping of baseboards and moldings, as well as damage to walls, furniture, papers, and even electronics depending on the depth of the water. Don’t settle for carpet cleaning when you need flood restoration. There’s a big difference between the two.
  2. How long have you been in business? The best providers have been around for awhile, and have the experience to recognize potential problems. Experience and the proper equipment may also help them to perform a more thorough job in less time
  3. Are the technicians adequately trained, full-time professionals? You need more than a subcontractor or temp with a sponge and a bucket!
  4. Does the company use industrial strength equipment? It takes more than a ShopVac to clean up after a flood. Professional restorers use water removal equipment as well as dehumidification equipment.
  5. Do the technicians use professional gear on a daily basis? The best equipment doesn’t matter if the technician can’t figure our how to operate it.
  6. Are the technicians employed by the flood restoration company or are they merely subcontractors? Employees have more at stake and usually do a better job.