Techniques for Painting and Decorating

“Faux dragging” can be used on the majority of properly smooth and prepared surfaces to provide the appearance of luxury silk or fancy wallpaper. While it is a very simple technique to master, it adds a lot to the whole painting and decorating endeavour because the results are opulent and magnificent. If you’re looking for more tips, GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors has it for you.
To achieve the “faux dragging” appearance, a variety of glazes and latex paints can be utilised, but we always recommend using an oil-based paint or glaze because it will allow you more discretion in terms of trying to manipulate it into the required styles, whereas non-oil based ones can dry incredibly rapidly. The nicest part about this technique is that it can be used not just on walls and ceilings, but also on most types of woodwork and furniture.
When a dry brush is pushed through a coloured glaze, the effect is achieved. The underlying colour is revealed in extremely fine lines, giving the walls the appearance of silk cloth. Dragging is especially effective over a white base coat in soft colours like pastels. To create a “vintage” aesthetic, start with a cream or off-white ground then add tan or taupe colours.
So here are the steps to performing “fake dragging”:
Using a latex base coat, apply two coats (white or off-white). Allow at least two hours for the wall to dry after painting both applications.
Mix satin latex paint with latex glazing liquid according to the glazing liquid’s packaging directions.
Apply the coloured glaze to a length of usable surface.
Begin by dragging a 4″ dragging brush (or any long bristles brush) through the wet glaze from one end to the other. You can also use a dry rag for this procedure. To achieve the desired result, repeat the process numerous times. As you drag, keep your hand as stable as possible.
Also, if you’re working with the entire length of a wall, from ceiling to baseboard, a very wide brush, such as a wallpaper brush or even the wide end of a broom, can be used.