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For any business working in a major city, parking spaces are a valuable asset. Despite the availability of public transportation and the rising cost of fuel, many employees still tend to drive their own cars to work. Most big-city figures point to a rise in the number of registered cars on the road, which is expected to double in the next ten years.Get additional information at Parking Downtown Toronto.

What does this mean for the owner of a business? An assigned vehicle spot is always needed, regardless of the type of business activity. As a result, any business owner must weigh two factors when it comes to parking space: a client area and an employee area.

Personnel – The key issue that staff are debating is whether or not to drive their personal car to work, and the majority of them are concerned about the traffic congestion they will encounter on a daily basis. This fact could mean an increased need for parking spaces and the possibility of a shortage for any employer.
Clientele – Clients, on the other hand, would undoubtedly prefer driving a private car to taking public transportation due to the comfort aspect, and they will undoubtedly demand the same consideration once they exit their cars. If the business is housed in an office building or a high-end restaurant in a business centre, the owner is responsible for providing adequate parking for customers. Any customer expects to be able to park their car in a convenient location nearby and arrive at a business destination without fear of receiving a traffic ticket.
Consider the following options:
Parking spaces are normally available on or near the premises of commercial establishments in business locations. The size of that room is determined by the company’s size. During peak or business hours, the amount of available parking spaces is often reduced, resulting in car-stall congestion.
Locating a business or office in a building with few parking spaces can be difficult, particularly if the majority of clients drive their own cars. Customers can be turned away if there aren’t enough parking spaces.

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