Chiropractor Advice – Run for Your Life

Okay, maybe you don’t have to run for your life, but you can walk for it. Walking is the safest form of exercise for both young and elderly people. Why is this so? You don’t need to pay for a gym membership or invest in costly equipment that takes up valuable space in your home. You don’t need a walking partner, but it’s fun and motivating to have one. What you need is a decent pair of walking shoes. It’s really that easy. From this Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma – Tacoma chiropractic adjustment

So, take this chiropractor’s advice and start walking to get the rest of your life off to a good start. The health benefits of walking are enormous. Regular walking will help you lose and maintain a healthy weight, boost your flexibility and muscle strength, stimulate your brain and protect against memory loss, and lower your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to research. That’s something to think about.

Chiropractors advise beginning slowly and gradually progressing to a more rigorous walking schedule. If you haven’t been involved in a long time or are worried about a previous injury, a quick visit to your local chiropractor for a check-up and one-on-one fitness advice is a good idea.

Start with five to ten minutes at a time, and be sure to warm up by walking slowly to avoid injury. You will steadily increase your time and speed over a few weeks. Set a target of 30 minutes of walking per day, several days a week. The 30 minutes can be split up into mini walking workouts, such as three 10-minute walks a day. Maintain a record of your priorities and success. Investing in a low-cost pedometer will also help you monitor your progress. A safe aim is to walk 10,000 steps per day. Half of it is considered sedentary and will not assist you in meeting your fitness objectives.