Quick Recap About House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Gratiot

Medical cannabis is produced from the cannabis plant and includes the famous THC or tetrahydrocannabinol; this is the psychoactive component. There are two other chemical compounds found in the plant and these are CBD and THC. The CBD is the “cannabis equivalent” of ibuprofen; it has a lot less damaging properties than THC. However, research suggests that CBD may help prevent the onset of muscular sclerosis, a common manifestation of chronic pain. The main chemical compounds found in medical cannabis are THC and CBD but other chemicals are contained and these include OPC, THC, and other lesser known chemicals. You may want to check out House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Gratiot – Cannabis Dispensary for more.
Although medical cannabis is relatively safe, there are some side effects that are not so good for you. For example, some users suffer from anxiety and insomnia when using medical marijuana. Many people also report difficulty sleeping. Other side effects include coughing, memory loss, irritability, and depression. In rare cases, people have died from taking too much cannabis.
Although medical cannabis is a great source of relief for the symptoms of chronic illnesses, it can be abused by those who just want to feel high. Those who are looking for a short term “high” will often get high on medical cannabis, which can lead to problems such as depression and addiction. It is very important to use medical cannabis in accordance with recommendations from your doctor and the guidance of your pharmacist. Although it is very useful, it must be treated like any other medicine.