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Breast reconstruction is often the only viable surgical procedure of reconstructive plastic surgery for women who have had mastectomy because of breast cancer. It entails the use of prosthetic implants, autologous fat, or both with the aim of reconstructing an authentic-looking breast in patients who have lost one or more of their breasts. Patients who have undergone this type of treatment have experienced significant improvements in their self-esteem, physical appearance, and overall well-being after the operation. You may want to check out Phoenix Breast Reconstruction for more. This article will help you understand more about the procedure and what to expect after your reconstruction.


Women who undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy can choose from various techniques. The most common technique employed is lumpectomy/mastectomy. In this procedure, the entire area and base of the nipple are removed. The nipple and areola can be reattached after surgery through repositioning with implants or via surgery with the use of a skin graft. Another variation of this technique is the reconstruction of lumpectomies only.

Many plastic surgeons also perform lumpectomy/mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery. However, it requires more skill due to the fact that it involves reabsorbing the area and skin from areas that are not immediately obvious. In addition to the skill required to perform this technique, there is also an increased chance of complications from the procedure. In addition, the results may not be as natural looking as those that come from other techniques.

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