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Visit Disability Insurance for Dermatologists for more detail on disability insurance for dermatologists and dermatology residents.Some people see their dermatologist on a daily basis, while others have never seen one, but the demand for dermatologists in the United States is constantly increasing. People spend far more money than they realise each year on products that only provide temporary relief and do not address the underlying problem with their skin.

The realisation that seeing a dermatologist can provide real, long-term solutions to problems ranging from acne to sun damage is enough to drive most people to a dermatologist’s office. The use of prescription-strength medications to treat a patient’s skin problems is only the beginning. New technologies are constantly being developed that will elevate the practise of dermatology to new heights. The use of lasers in medical and cosmetic dermatological practises is one example.

Sun damage and acne are two of the most common reasons people visit a dermatologist for the first time. While many people suffer from acne from their teen years on, they do not seek treatment from a dermatologist until they are adults and have exhausted their options. Sun damage, on the other hand, is frequently something that develops gradually with age but appears to start suddenly.