Methods of Infinity Painting

Pallet: Pallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to carry your colour. There are removable boards, which you simply throw away after you’ve finished painting, as well as plastic and wooded sheets. When I have too much paint on my pallet, I simply cover it in plastic wrap or aluminium foil and place it in the freezer. If you leave the paints out, they can harden and become difficult to deal with.You may want to check out Infinity Painting for more.

Painting with Liquid Mediums and Gesso: These objects, such as mediums and gesso, will greatly aid you in your painting. The liquid mediums make it easier for the paint to go on and mix. You would be surprised if you use the Liquid White to prepare your canvas. It can also be used to thin down your titanium white paint when applying water or snow to your mountains, or mixed with paint for highlighting, such as trees. It aids in the adhesion of the colour. Liquid clear is ideal for black or grey canvases because it achieves the same results without the pigment. The canvas is primed with Gesso (water-based). DO NOT prime your canvas with your best brushes. I just use those cheap sponge brushes and throw them away when they’re finished. Then, before working with the canvas, allow it too fully dry. This is normally available in white, black, or grey.

Miscellaneous When painting, you’ll need the following items: You’ll need plenty of paper towels, a paint brush cleaning can with a screen in the bottom, a drop cloth if you don’t want paint and thinner all over your skin, and clothes you don’t like getting paint and thinner on. You can get ideas for oil painting by watching programmes on TV (usually OPB in Oregon), the internet (YouTube), purchasing painting videos, or enrolling in a beginner’s class at a nearby college or art supply shop.