How To Properly Change Your Vehicle’s Oil

Although there are many fluids and oils in modern vehicles, many individuals who speak of an oil change are referring to engine oil, which is the most critical component to the vehicle’s performance and longevity. You may want to check out Newark Oil Change for more. Designed to cool and lubricate fast-moving engine components like cylinder heads, bearings, pistons and other moving parts, engine oil actually is essential to a car s ability to operate properly. With an auto oil change being required on a regular basis, it is no wonder that so few owners are actually aware of the steps involved in the process. The following are the basic steps required to change the oil in your car.


First, you need to drain the drain plug under the vehicle and locate the oil filter wrench. Using an open-ended wrench, remove the drain plug and allow enough room to drain before removing the new oil filter wrench. It is important that you do not start the vehicle until the engine is completely cold as there will be additional heat damage if you attempt to crank the engine during warm up. Once you have drained the oil and cleaned out the drain plug, remove the old drain plug and place it in a safe location for future use. You can then disconnect the negative battery cable and unbolt the engine cover.

With the engine oil removed and placed in a secure location, disconnect the battery cables and unbolt the vehicle from the frame as well as all wheels except the tires. Next, you need to locate the oil pump or sump, locate the dipstick, and replace the drained oil and cap it with a fresh one. This is also the time to inspect the oil level as you do not want any excessive amounts of oils leaking onto the ground, which can damage the surface of your vehicle’s paintwork, as well as increase the risk of engine misfire or burning out. Remember to fill the sump to the proper level to ensure adequate levels of oils are present to ensure the proper function of the vehicle.

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