Corinth Roof Replacement – Tearing Up Your Old Roof and Installing a New One

When it is time for a fresh new roof for your home, it is helpful to have all the information that a full roof replacement involves – and it includes far more than just replacing shingle. A complete roof replacement – from the inside out means tearing all shingle away from the roof’s shingle board and down to the concrete roofing itself.

There are many reasons for the decision to tear up the roof shingle base. These reasons can include a need for a longer warranty or more flexibility when designing the roof, as well as the fact that the existing roof is damaged and not usable. The choice of material to be used in the replacement can also depend on what kind of climate you live in and how much maintenance your existing roof is required to withstand.Visit DKG Roofing Contractor LLC – Corinth Roof Replacement for more details.

While tearing down the old roof does not have to be done in a harsh manner, the contractor who is performing the job should use the utmost care and caution to make sure that nothing comes in the way of the work being completed. Any damage caused to the shingle deck itself needs to be repaired before any roofing materials are brought in. The deck must be removed from the roof itself to ensure that all damaged shingle is properly replaced.

While tearing up the shingle, the contractors should be careful to remove as many layers of shingle as possible. It is advisable to use a chisel to pry the shingle out of place if the weather is particularly cold; otherwise, the entire roof might need to be replaced entirely.

After the shingling has been removed, the next step for the roof repair contractor is to remove the shingle boards from the roof itself. They should be carefully removed in order to avoid them falling into any cracks or openings which might exist beneath the roof. While removing the shingle, there are a few things that contractors should keep in mind. First, it is important to be careful not to remove any shingles when doing this job.

This is because if they do fall in there will be an open space beneath the shingle which may prove to be a very dangerous. Therefore, any additional shingle should be left in place to help seal any remaining holes that may have remained even after the removal of the old shingle. The shingle that is left should be secured to a steel ring which is attached to an anchor post in order to provide a firm the shingle to the metal roof and to keep it in place. This ring can also be used in keeping the roofing in place should something else fall and damage the shingle further.