Tips For Finding Good Maritime Lawyers

Not all maritime lawyers handle cases related to the ocean, but they are probably more familiar with it than most. If you’re looking for a maritime lawyer, chances are that you will need an attorney who has experience in dealing with maritime law and the Jones Act. This act was passed in 1920 and has been updated several times since then. Its purpose is to protect passengers and their belongings when crossing international waters. Our website provides info about Montagna Maritime Law

Although sailors and harbor workers are protected by the Jones Act, there are still times when they may be involved in accidents that result in injuries and damages. Maritime law deals with all of these cases, and it’s important that maritime attorneys are well experienced in these cases to ensure they always get the right compensation for their clients. Many maritime attorneys even have a special division just for maritime cases so that they can easily take care of accident victims and their families. Maritime attorneys will also be able to advise their clients about the best way to approach insurance companies for compensation.

To find good maritime lawyers, one option is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Another is to ask the American Society of Maritime Lawyers for a list of lawyers practicing in various parts of the country. There is even a national maritime lawyers referral service that you can use to find a lawyer near you. No matter how you find a maritime lawyer, make sure you are comfortable working with them and that you feel comfortable with the particular law firms that you choose.