Discover What 8 Ways Mobile Command Units Are Used by Public Safety

This is where customising the emergency vehicle with the appropriate incident management equipment pays off. For a low cost of $175 to $375, emergency departments may outfit a vehicle with an easy-to-install vehicle canopy or a full response package that includes a command post flag and lighting. Emergency responders can easily set up clearly defined positions with shelter that reaches 3 to 4 feet outside the back of the vehicle because this equipment is lightweight and easy to stow. A flag and lighting that is clearly visible above any other vehicle are often used to identify the command centre.Do you want to learn more? more info here

A mobile command unit could be anything from the trunk of a police car to a specially fitted SUV worth a quarter-million dollars, and it could come from any response agency. Almost all that needs to be done could be done from a police vehicle’s trunk. Additional radios, electronic equipment, and, in many situations, a fax machine and copier could all be found in an emergency SUV. The common denominator is that they all have forms, administrative supplies, military equipment, barrier tape, and checklists, which are all essential for handling an emergency situation.

Since first responders will arrive with a variety of vehicles of various sizes and shapes, they must be able to make the most of what they have, and the conditions are not on their side. As a result, providing a structure that includes extra shelter to provide a working area and protect equipment is critical when responding to an emergency.

Incidents have grown in size over time, involving more people in more places, necessitating the creation of specialised command units. Fire services, in particular, have shown an increased interest in using specialised command units to deal with major accidents and weather conditions over the last ten years.